Medieval Knights Rulebook.

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Medieval Knights Rulebook.

Post  jezma on Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:40 pm

These are our Rules.
All members are expected to keep to these rules, so please read them carefully before you decide to ask for an invite .

1a) You may not be a part of another alliance with a different Player Account.
1b) You may not have any account-sitting done by players outside of MK.

2) You need to be an active player (This means you have to log-in to the game at least once every 3 days). In the event you know that you won't be able to do that due to "real life", you need to post that here on the forum,or mail ingame so we know there is a reason that you can not.

3) You must be registered with our MK forum at

4a) It is totally UNACCEPTABLE to attack another Alliance. It can effect our Foriegn Affairs. And we will come down hard on you.
4b) If you attack a player who is not in an alliance,and they retalliate-then you are to deal with it by yourself. If an alliance becomes involved, then the matter needs to be passed up and dealt with at The Round Table.

5) You must maintain an Army Strength as laid down on the MK Forum.

6) It is a requirement for every member to have 1 city in one of the PowerBlock Locations.

7) In the game itself, you need to have a profile description filled out reflecting your "in game self".

You don't have to help others in the alliance all the time but you do have to help when possible and it does need to be possible sometimes.

9) We will use designated ambassadors for our diplomatic relations with other alliances.

10) Communication is vital. You must report hostiles to your cities,especially in this time of war.
Also while reporting hostilities, can you include : name of city being attacked: method of attack (ie: troops/Dips/Spells.)

Due to the fact that we want to have an active alliance that is beneficial to be a part of, failure to meet these conditions may result in removal from the alliance. In the event you have violations and want to remain in the alliance, punitive action in the form of a "fine" payable to the alliance treasury may be in acted.
We will also have a designated alliance Secret Service to police alliance policies.
All major Alliance decisions will be made by vote.
ie: Decisions inwhich the outcome will effect every individual member.
You have to be a Knight or above to be able to vote.

Any well-thought-through concepts of gameplay,such as trading.solo mercenary roles,should be propositioned to The Round Table where they can be webbed into the alliance.
We love your ideas,and want everyone to respectfully play alongside being a Medieval Knight. Making us a honourable and colourful Alliance.

A few last words.....
If in doubt about anything, please ask.
Think before you act. -Think of the concequences for MK as an alliance for your actions.
Please remember being part of Medieval Knights is being part of a team. MK comes first,individuality comes secound.We all have to sacrifice some of our personal fun for the good of MK..


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Re: Medieval Knights Rulebook.

Post  Urza on Mon Aug 09, 2010 4:46 pm

read and /signed
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